Tarun Tahiliani: Drapes, drapes and more drapes! Designers are shouting out this key trend for the season, and when it comes from the ‘Master Draper of Indian Fashion’, Tarun Tahiliani, then there is no doubting that. 

- Isha Tewari of fashionmostwanted.com

Rich hues of plum, burgundy, rust, midnight blue and black form the perfect palette for the Mogul era inspired collection. The inspiration reflects in ornate embellishments, deep hues, rich silks and satins and cummerbund reminiscent jeweled belts in leather and metal. The roots are Indian but the approach entirely contemporary.  Sensual drapes innovatively conjured up, reinvent the Saree, apart from creating striking maxi dresses, lounge silks pants and blouses. The Tarun Tahiliani woman is a cosmopolitan empowered woman, who carries off everything she wears, be it Indian or fusion, in her unique individualistic style.

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